Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fear Journal

When I was a kid there were many things that I feared, that now I would laugh at. For example when I was younger I would always be afraid of something or somebody hiding under my bed, waiting for me to walk by so they could grab me and pull me under. I think I was mainly afraid of this because most the time I could not see under my bed so I didn’t know what was under it. Also, because of this fear I had adopted some unusual habits. One of the habits was I would jump onto my bed from as far away as possible so that anything under my bed would not be able to grab me. Now days my fears are a little more realistic but still silly in some ways. One of my fears that I have now is that I am going to be late for a practice or for work. I always worry at the last minutes before I get to my destination that I am a hour off or that they switched times and I didn’t get the message. To help this out I often txt or call people multiple times asking for what time the event is going to start.